5 Tips on Promoting Your New Business

Marketing your small company may seem intimidating but there are several easy ways to get the word out.

1.Create a website: Your first step to promoting your business online should be to create a business website. You can start a free website through a blogging platform (blogger.com and wordpress.com are the most popular).  Give your potential clients as much information as you think they’ll need. Remember, this is most likely going to be your first point of contact with a potential client, and could determine right away whether or not the contract goes to your company, or your competitor down the road.

2. Get Listed: This is one of the most basic methods of business promotion. List yourself in as many business directories, yellow pages, and local business Websites as you can find. Many of these will list your company for free, though some might require you to pay a small fee. This type of promotion is well worth the time and investment, as most people consult these publications when looking for a designer, plumber, electrician etc.

3. Get social: Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are other ways to promote your new business online. Or, you may want to set up a Facebook page just for your business. This can provide your website address and basic information for potential clients of your business.On Twitter, you can tweet about your business, offer discounts, direct friends and family to your business website, and more.

4.Get blogging:  A blog is a great, low-cost way of engaging with existing clients, as well as attracting new ones. Make sure you update it regularly with relevant content, to keep your subscribers interested. Grow your blog followers by leaving comments on other people’s blogs.

5.Utilize free advertising: Craiglist.org is another website to consider when marketing your new business. Again, it is free. You can advertise your business there, listing services offered and basic information. Be sure to keep your headline short and to-the-point. Interested customers will be directed to you via email, and you can respond to them from there.



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